First Photo Shoot

Yesterday, Saturday the 1st of July, I conducted my first photoshoot. My boyfriend (Cal), kindly agreed to model for me. I’ve never taken photos of a model before – all my portrait photography up to this point has been of my friends messing around before nights out and not a serious shoot.

At first, I felt a bit awkward, and Callum also was a little uncomfortable. He borrowed my old Nikon to take a few shots as well, so I was also forced to model for him which made me very uncomfortable! It was also surprisingly difficult to think of an original shot idea that would work with the changing lighting. However, I got a few shots that I was quite pleased with!


IMG_0584 copy

I like this one as the background is in focus and the lighting is accentuating Cal’s cheekbones nicely. In retrospect, I would have got Cal to straighten up as his posture is not as good as it could have been here.


I like this picture as well, I changed the colouring a little to make it a little more toned down and I like the effect it gave. In retrospect, I would have got Cal to pull his shirt down as I don’t like that it is all bunched up at the back.


This was just a super quick shot I got of Cal, but I like the focus in this one. However, I didn’t like that his eyes looked so dark, so I also got one of him looking into the light:


I prefer the shadows in this one as they accentuate his jawline more.


This is a photo I got Cal to take of me. He spent a while playing around with the focus and exposure, but I’m happy with how it turned out!

Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment and a link to your blog and I’ll check it out!


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