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Megan xo


Happiness is like a drug


When you’re happy, like really goddamn happy, you feel so alive. Every nerve ending comes to life, every sense in your body is tingling and you feel so alive.

I’m happiest in the rain. When its pouring down over your body, and you’re freezing, your wet clothes are sticking to you and water is dripping off your face.

It makes me feel alive.

I’m alive, I’m breathing, I exist.

And thats damn well enough to be happy about

Before I met him, my world was in black and white.

When our hands touch, roses become vibrant red, the sky becomes so blue you’d think it was painted, and the world becomes alive. So many colours, and the happiness of the people shines in bright yellows and pinks.

Its so beautiful.

But the moment that connection is broken, I am cast back into darkness.

So I need to learn to paint the world myself. Each painful, tortured brushstroke without him will make my world alive.

Then I can give to him the colours he gives to me.

Because if all I see is dark, how can I be his light?

Before I met him, the world was still. Silent. Calm.

I was alone in a small sailboat bobbing upon the waters. Clear sky. Middle of the ocean. Calm.

Then he came along, and became the wind in my sails. Speeding off into the sunset together, racing towards the horizon.

But when the storm came, he wasn’t there to guide me into safe waters. I was alone again, but this time cold and afraid.

I realised I don’t need the wind in my sails.

I have my own paddle, and thats damn well all I need